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The company started doing business January 2008; and, was formed by JV Torgerson from the Wholesale Division of Allen Forest Products Company where he was the lead salesman for 27 years. The Wholesale Division of Allen Forest Products is now closed. Rodger Seid & Nate Vahl have been added to TFP Inc to assist and expand the sales with the intent to continue the wholesale business with the same efficiency and professional ethics as was done with Allen Forest Products.  

We specialize in hard to find items, specified tallies, particularly for heavy construction for bridges, railroads, and marine construction.  We have experience in concrete form materials, fabricated solid sawn timbers and glue-laminated timbers, pressure treatments, and piling.  Additionally, we provide materials in exposed beam construction, lathe turned poles, specified tallies and dry timbers for exposed use.

We deal with distribution yards and brokers in Illinois, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan, and Minnesota as we have for many years providing fabricated and treated Douglas fir timbers and glue-lams and piling.  We supply several major contractors in the Northwest direct with the same products, as well as, concrete form material, lagging, crane mats, and piling.  We will continue to seek and serve customers with good credit and experience in their geographic area.

We provide Douglas fir treated or untreated lumber, timbers, and laminated beams.  Mixed tallies, prefabricated and treated, and, less than truckload quantities are our specialty.  Our FAX is on 24 hours for your convenience or you can email your inquiries.  

We respond the next day or when required based upon bid dates.